Hose reel system is intended for the occupant to use during the early stages of fire and comprises hose reel pumps,fire water tank,hose reels,pipe work and valves. The hose reel system generally serves as an initial fire fighting aid.

When the hose reel is brought into use the pressure in the pipe immediately downstream of the pump check valves will drops below the field adjusted pressure setting of the pressure switch thereby triggering the pump to comes into operation automatically to feed a steady supply of water to discharge through the hose.

Fire fighting hose reel is the part which can be easily accessible. The fire hose reel outlets should be properly housed in glass fronted cabinet secured under lock and key.

Brief Description

Drum: The hosereel drum is a universal swing type, where the hose drum rotates around a horizontal shaft and the hose can be withdrawn from any direction.
Hose: The fire hose reel is made of non-kinking, braided rubber type and the length of the hose is 30 meter.
Nozzle: The shut –off nozzle assembly which is fitted at the end of the hose is constructed of corrosion resistant material conforming to BS 336. There are markings to indicate the open/shut positions of the nozzle.
Stop valve: A 25mm diameter stop valve to BS 1010 is provided for the connection of the hosereel to the water supply.

Principle of Operation
To operate the system efficiently, the following instructions should be followed .

  • Turn open the stop valve.
  • Run out the hose.
  • Turn open the water at the nozzle.

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